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Inspect At this stage, seller’s item will be in our care. We will carefully inspect your item, photograph and document them for us to give the precise details on our website. This is another service that we offer for the buyers to entrust us with


Are you an artist who is just starting your career or an artist who doesn’t know what his painting is worth? The questions are not limited to only new artists, I can testify that virtually every artist who has just completed a work will sit down to

Art Gallery

An art gallery is a building or a space that is used solely for the exhibition of art works, art performances, music concepts or poetry readings. Though art galleries may be used to host most art events, our primary concern in this article will be th

Avant-Garde Art Pieces

Avant-garde, when translated means an advanced guard or a vanguard; this is used to describe a style of artwork, an artist or a technique that is significantly ahead of others. When an artist produces a better work of art, or he paints in a more expr

Investable Grade Arts

Art is a really wonderful field of study, and choosing to invest in arts can be a real art on its own, because you will need to be very good at choosing the grade of arts that you will need to invest in. Although arts may be a very cool field to stud

Modern Arts

What are modern arts? As the years are going by, people continue to improve in every facet of their lives; they improve in technology and the view of life. Technology for one has never stopped improving, neither have people stopped improving in t

Contemporary Arts

What are contemporary arts? Well, to understand it, let us take a brief moment to understand each of the words that make up the sentence; contemporary and arts. Contemporary can be said to be any event that takes place during the lifetime of a per

Online Art Auction

With the speed at which the internet is being used in our day-to-day lives, we will see that in no time, the world will have virtually everything online. Art lovers, art sellers and art collectors can get their desired pieces of arts online and the i

Online Art Buyer

Art lovers, art collectors and art buyers are people you will always find at art stores, art galleries and museums; they regularly patronize these places to get different kinds of artworks and to see new ones. It isn’t addiction; it is just an undy

Online Art Seller

With the advent of the web and the steady increase in the use of the internet, there is a potential for speedy growth in the selling and buying of artworks online. Online art sellers are people or artists who have put their works or the works of othe

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