Prime Tree of The world

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Artist Name Sujan Biswas
Title Prime Tree of The world
Medium Acrylic Pen and ink on canvas
Dimension 91.5 x 91.5 cm
Appraisal 15,000 - 45,000 USD
Provenance Directly acquired from the artist
About the Artist Sujan Biswas
New Delhi, INDIA
Graduate and Diploma in Arts, New Delhi. I have been always fascinated by the green land and its rich traditional and cultural surroundings. I want to create a lovely world in which beautiful forms and splendid colors.
All my works - painting, drawing, Sculpture are related to trees and humanity, comprising of the period between birth and death, a particular way of existence, and living organisms collectively. However, I always prefer works as the best medium to express myself and had exhibited my work in several solo and group shows in India as well as Abroad.
All my works painting, drawing, sculpture are related to trees and humanity, comprising of the period between birth and death, a particular way of existence, and living organisms collectively. Thus painting, drawing and sculpture is my form of expression about life around me. Though the variety of materials available to use is challenging, my first choice is living organisms like the tree. In my opinion, 'Trees signify Life; Life is a Tree and a Tree is World'.
Meanwhile, ideas around this theme keep coming into my mind non-stop; time does not allow all of them to be expressed. Painting, drawing and sculpture is my way of describing present-day culture in all its many forms, using the tree as a symbolic motif, in all its many different forms.
Because I think that every artist seeks and finds his own recognizable style and expression, none of us have to copy others. It is true that works are inspired by other art works but one must find a style recognizable and characteristic of oneself. Every artist passes through an evolutionary stage, which is reflected in his works. Because of that each art work reflects the evolutionary level of the artist, the spiritual and the mental state of the artist.
I have always been trying to make my works very emergent and different. I make art to present my concept between trees and humanity, incorporating a global view through my concept. When I start to draw or paint, I am right there at the point of contact...brush to canvas, pencil to paper, or hand to media. I even sculpt right at the point of contact…That's the rush and freedom of an artist. I love the process of new creation. I love colour and texture and constant experimentation.
My continuing theme Save the Tree as Every Tree is Alive is inspired by my strong feelings towards the need to keep the tree world well nurtured. I believe that trees are most important to our lives and through my art painting, drawing, sculpture I wish to encourage people to fall in step with my idea of Life is a Tree is Life and Trees are the World.
Item Description The creator gave opportunity to the universe a tiny cell to construct the nature of all forms such as human beings, biological components and non living objects to survive their lives.
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