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Date: ​19th November - 19th December 2015

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Accepting consignment till 10th November 2015


Ruth +86 15920103665 Chinese Art

Don +65 82805631 International Art

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Dear Art Investor,

You want to invest in a good piece of art, either you are looking to spruce up your empty walls, or trying to make money by investing in art..

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Dear Artist,

You have created a masterpiece of art. You also know that the most challenging part is to sell the artwork. Besides you need to find the right buyers, negotiate the price and handle the logistics. It all takes time.

Let us handle your art marketing issues. Instead of using your time on marketing your art, focus on what you love most. Create more awesome artworks.

Do the smart thing. Sign Up for Atelier Auction :)​

Verified Artists

Pick your favorite painting from our cult of verified artists. We personally visit the artists and handpick their best artworks to showcase in our collection

High Quality Artworks

We ensure the artworks are authentic and of the best quality. We also preserve it in our gallery. We also take care of shipping the artworks to you and ensure "Zero Defect"

Reliable Platform

With more than 3000 talented and renown artists in our network, we offer the best art artwork and paintings to our art enthusiasts. Our auction website simplifies the whole process of purchasing art with just few clicks, at a very affordable price

Made With Love

Made for artist and art investors by passionate art lovers. If you need help, our support team is here for you

Quarterly Auctions 

We hold auction 4 times in a year.

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Questions? No problem. We are just a click away. Contact Us.

Save Time

No matter if you are buying or selling art, atelier auction will save you days and weeks

Get High Returns On Your Art Investment

Art like gold, is an unleveraged, irreplaceable real asset, which many investors turn to as safe haven in times of economic uncertainty 

Art Advisory Committee 

Expert art valuation and investment guidance to support you in your art investment journey and help you get started right away and place you on a success track 


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Jose Villadolid Philippines Artist

Had my reservations of placing my art pieces with Atelier Auction Initially, but their services and security made my mind at ease.

A rather decent site which feels like the real Auction functions.

Oei Guo Xiang Malaysia
Grey Rynsberger Dutch living in Singapore

Its my first visit to Atelier Auction and am surprised its a great company, assisting and explaining to me the entire Auction Process.

It has never been easier to bid online.

Ryan Tan Singaporean Buyer

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