Bidding Guide Tips

Q: What shall I prepare in advance for the bid?

A: You must register as a member in Atelier Auction and make sure you register a secured password with a combination of alphanumeric and at least 8 characters.

Do not divulge your account information to others. (The account will be used for your bidding).

Q: How do I bid?

A: You will have to log in your account to bid. You can bid on the lot by simply imputing your biding price to compete with other buyers.

Q: Will I receive any form of notification if another buyer outbids my bid?

A: You will receive an automatic mail notification when your lot is outbided.

Q: How do I check my bidding history?

A: Go to https://www.atelierauction.com/home/my-account-2/ → Login → My Account→ My bidding history

For Your Concerns

Q: Will my bid be invalidated if I did not make my payment on time?

A: If you default on your payment, your bid may be deemed as invalid.

Q: How do I verify the art pieces?

A: Authenticity can be proved by each artist and Atelier Auction. A certificate will be issued by Atelier Auction stating the details of the purchase and the artist will provide an additional hand-written note for each piece of artwork, making the piece more valuable for collections.

Q: Where and how do the artworks be stored?

A: All art pieces will either be kept in our secured facility over in Singapore or with the artist until the work has been purchased. This is to minimize error due to handling or over exposure of the product.

Q: How does AtelierAuction incorporate with our artists?

A: All artist featured by Atelier Auction have been personally visited by our staff members and on a yearly basis to get updates of their work and development

Such visits help break down the barrier and instead, it develops more into a relationship between Atelier Auction and the individual artist.

Over time, more in-depth understanding of the artist have been developed which enables us to give a more detailed accurate about the state of mind of the artist when each artwork is created.

In the meantime, if you encounter any problem, you can always approach to us at +65 6369 8123(customer service hotline), or submit your questions or queries using the form below and we will get back to you within 1-2 working days.

We respect your privacy.