Atelier Auction – New Phase of 2024

2024 is a new chapter turned for Atelier Auction to be upheld by Sky-high Vip. This has paved the ground for Atelier to be exposed to variety of international art buying/selling opportunities.

We are very proud of such affiliation and look forward to our future in expanding our circles to more international art collectors and sellers on a broader scale.


About Skyhigh


SKYHIGH.VIP has firm collaborations with over 15,000 vendors, and with strategic placements of Full-time service staff in over 20 offices located in most major cities across the globe, we are well placed to service our growing number of global members beyond their wildest expectations.

We keep our members updated with all the latest happenings and offers through weekly updates as well as send them invitations to private parties, exclusive previews and gala events. You never feel shorthanded when you are a member of SKYHIGH.VIP.

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