8 Fun Home Offices That’ll Boost Your Productivity


Some days, it can be hard to find the motivation to get to work—especially when your office also happens to be your bedroom, kitchen, dining room, or living room, too (or all if you live in a studio!). But we promise it’ll be a lot easier to roll up your sleeves and get to work if your home office looks stylish, feels energizing, and promotes productivity with organizational solutions. The best of them inspire focus in addition to looking good. Think ample sunlight, uncluttered surfaces, rejuvenating colors, and actually-comfortable furniture to work on. Whether you’ve got an entire room or just a tiny corner, we’ve got the inspiration for you with these incredible home office.

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Go Old-School There’s n0 shortage of vintage eye candy in the Jackson, Wyoming, study of Christian Burch and  John Frechette, the duo behind local decor and menswear shop Mountain Dandy. The roll-top desk was a hand-me-down from Burch’s parents, while the pegboard walls were original to the ’50s house.
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Skip the Desk For our 2019 Whole Home in Nashville, Dani Arps—a go-to office designer for New York startups—created an airy, clutter-free space that lacked one notable feature: a desk. “Most files are stored digitally, so bulky office furniture with tons of storage isn’t necessary,” said Arps, who instead opted for a large, streamlined work table from Industry West.
Home Offices boost Productivity
Use Lacquered Furniture If you have a small makeshift home office in the corner of a larger room or you’re converting a walk-in closet, opt for glossy white lacquered cabinets and furniture. Similar to the maximizing effect of a mirror, the reflective surfaces will give the illusion of a larger, more open space. Designer Raji Radhakrishnan gave this home office some pops of fun and vibrancy with primary-colored stools and a graphic rug.

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Bring the Outdoors In Between the leaf-print window treatments and treillage-fronted cabinetry, this office feels like a secret garden—in fact, it was a porch before designer Joe Lucas enclosed the space.




Home Offices boost Productivity
Tasked with turning a tiny, white-walled bedroom in Bobby Berk’s Los Angeles home into a proper home office, creative director Brady Tolbert headed to Craigslist to find the perfect mid-century credenza. It’s not just all looks—the cabinet keeps messy papers out of sight.


Home Offices boost Productivity
Consider Scandinavian Style Pare way down and keep your aesthetic clean and calming. A simple Swedish desk was placed by a window with a view of the Baltic Sea in a Scandinavian home. It’s mostly neutral, but the pops of blue keep the room feeling fresh and invigorating.
Home Offices boost Productivity
Go All Black Is this not the sexiest office you’ve ever seen? Black furniture combined with brass accents looks super sleek. Opt for a gray-black for the walls, so it doesn’t feel too dark. Photo by Nicole Franzen.
Home Offices boost Productivity
How about a vibrant fuchsia wall instead of that extra cup of coffee? Designer Krsnaa Mehta gave his lackluster home office a surge of energy with jewel tone statement walls, plenty of artwork, and prints throughout.


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